Daido Drinko "Cat vending machine
Cat vending machine

Daido Drink

o Cat Vending Machine A "Cat Vending Machine" is now available from Daido Drinko. It was installed at the Neko Republic Kumatori branch, a shelter cat café in Kumatori Town, Osaka Prefecture, to commemorate "Cat Day" on February 22, 2023. Cat treats can be purchased along with drinks for humans.


treats can be purchased along with human beverages. In cooperation with Nestlé Japan and Nestlé Purina Petcare, two types of cat treats in the "Monpuchi Crispy Kisses" series will be sold, and part of the proceeds will be used to support Nekoripa's activities. The design is inspired by the packaging of the "Monpuchy Crispy Kisses" series, and the vending machine is equipped with an audio function that plays a cat's meow when the product selection button is pressed.

Daido Drinko "Cat vending machine".

The vending machine also offers a special medal to store visitors, who can select a bottle of one of the target Daido Drinkco beverages to enjoy as a welcome drink. We hope that the vending machines will provide an opportunity for people to learn about shelter cats and expand the circle of support.