Reamento "Coffee Shop Komeda Coffee Shop
(Image taken from the official Twitter account)


Coffee Shop Komeda Coffee Shop Re-Ment will release miniature figures "Coffee Shop Komeda Coffee Shop" on May 29. The lineup will include a total of six types. The price is 935 yen per box (tax included).

Coffee Shop


Coffee Shop Re-Ment collaborates with Coffee Shop Komeda Coffee Shop! The popular Shiro Noir menu item and the classic morning coffee are now available as miniature figures. The lineup is sure to be a hit with Komeda fans, including the comfortable "red chair.

1. Komeda's classic morning
2. The Nagoya meal!
3.The traditional boot glass
4.The signature menu is Shironoir
5.Take a break in the relaxing store
6.Dinner tonight is also at Komeda Coffee Shop♪♪