Yayoiken "Toriten and dango soup set meal


will release "Toriten and Dango Jiru Set Meal," a Yayoiken-style version of Oita's famous "Toriten" and "Dango Jiru," on March 2 (Thursday).

Yayoiken's "


" is made to order by carefully battering chicken thighs and deep frying them until crispy. The Oita way is to enjoy the crispy and juicy toriten as it is, or with mustard paste and ponzu (vinegar).

Yayoiken "Toriten and dango soup set meal

Dango soup, a local specialty of Oita, is a miso-based soup with sticky dumplings, pork, carrots, gobo (burdock root), onions, and konnyaku (konnyaku). The flavorful ingredients and flat dumplings are sure to satisfy your taste buds.

Yayoiken "Toriten and dango soup set meal

We recommend adding yuzu kosho (Japanese pepper with yuzu citrus) to taste. The addition of yuzu kosho (Japanese citrus pepper) to the soup is recommended for a different, more robust flavor.

The "Toriten and Dango Jiru Set Meal" is priced at 920 yen (tax included). Dango soup by itself is priced at 390 yen. The "Dango Jiru" can be substituted for the miso soup in other set meals and rice bowls for an additional 290 yen.