Chateraise "Easter Sweets
Easter Sweets

Chateraise Easter

Sweets Chateraise will be offering "Easter Sweets" such as cute cakes with rabbit and kotori motifs, which will be available from March 4 to April 20, 2023.

Joy of Easter


" is a cake with two flavors, whipped cream and chocolate cream, decorated with brightly colored fruits, and topped with a cake featuring animal motifs. The cake is decorated with brightly colored fruit and animal motifs.

The chick cake is made with sponge filled with custard cream and mango flavored cream for a gentle taste. The rabbit cake is made with cocoa sponge, filled with fresh chocolate and chocolate custard cream, and finished with strawberry-flavored cream.

The size is 17 cm and the price is 3,672 yen (tax included).

Chateraise "Joy of Easter Decoration with two flavors".
Joy of Easter Decorations in Two Flavors

Easter Cute


"Easter Cute Rabbit" is a sweet and sour berry cream with strawberry-flavored chocolate cereal, layered with sponge and whipped cream, and wrapped in a fluffy strawberry-flavored sponge crumb. The face is decorated with cereal-filled chocolate and white chocolate. The price is 388 yen.

Shateraise "Easter Cute Bunny
Easter Cute Bunny

Easter Cute


"Easter Cute Kotori-Chan" is made of chocolate with cereal, cereal chocolate with slightly bitter soy puffs, whipped cream with custard with marshmallows, sponge and whipped cream layered together and wrapped in a fluffy lemon flavored sponge crumb. The sponge and whipped cream are layered and covered with a fluffy lemon-flavored sponge crumb. The mini cakes are decorated with a chocolate face and are designed to resemble a little bird, and have a gentle taste that children will enjoy. The price is 388 yen.

Shateraise "Easter Cute Kotori-Chan
Easter Cute Kotori

Easter Umitate


Pudding a la Mode "Easter Umitate Tamago Pudding a la Mode" is a moist sponge layered with custard cream with whipped cream and baked pudding made with fresh eggs. The pudding is decorated with colorful fruits, whipped cream, and chocolate almonds that resemble eggs, making it the perfect Easter pudding a la mode. The price is 378 yen.

Chateraise "Easter Umitate Egg Pudding a la mode
Easter pumice egg pudding a la mode

Due to the shortage of egg ingredients caused by the bird flu epidemic, sales of some menu items may be suspended or the number of eggs may be limited depending on the situation.