Sukiya "hot bean sprouts beef bowl", "garlic hot bean sprouts beef bowl", "hot bean sprouts beef kalbi bowl".

Sukiya to Offer Hot Bean Sprouts Gyudon, Garlic Hot Bean Sprouts Gyudon, and

Hot Bean Sprouts Beef Kalbi Bowl Sukiya will now offer hot bean sprouts beef bowl, garlic hot bean sprouts beef bowl, and hot bean sprouts beef kalbi bowl. The "Ma-Ra-Moyashi Gyudon", "Garlic-Ma-Ra-Moyashi Gyudon" and "Ma-Ra-Moyashi Gyu-Kalbi Donburi" will be available from March 1, 2023.

The "hot bean sprouts


bowl" combines crispy bean sprouts with crunchy kikurage mushrooms and Chinese pickles, offering a variety of textures in a single bite. Sukiya's special "hot and spicy sauce" is piqued with chili peppers and flavored with sansho (red pepper) and kasho (Japanese pepper). The price is 550 yen (including tax) for a regular size.

Sukiya "Ma-ryu-moyashi Gyudon" (beef bowl with hot bean sprouts)
hemp bean sprout beef bowl

Garlic and


spicy bean sprouts beef bowl "Garlic and hot spicy bean sprouts beef bowl" is a "hot spicy bean sprouts beef bowl" topped with fried garlic, which is characterized by its abundant flavor. The price is 610 yen for the (average) size.

Sukiya "Garlic and hot spicy bean sprouts beef bowl".
Garlic spicy bean sprout beef bowl

The "Moyashi Beef


Bowl" is a bowl of beef kalbi grilled in the restaurant and topped with hot bean sprouts. The price is 800 yen for (regular) size.

Sukiya "Maojang Moyashi Beef Kalbi Donburi".
bowl of rice topped with beef ribs and hot bean sprouts