MONTAIR "Japanese black tea soufflé cake

MONTAIR "Japanese Black

Tea Soufflé Cake


MONTAIR will sell "Japanese Black Tea Soufflé Cake" as the second product in its "Tsunagu Tsuduku" series nationwide from March 1 (Wed) to April 30 (Sun). The price including tax is 259 yen (291 yen in Okinawa only).

Tsunagu Tsuduku


MONTAIRE will launch the "Tsunagu Tsuduku" series in January 2023, focusing on ingredients from various regions of Japan that are particular about their taste and the wishes of their producers. The series will be launched in January 2023. The sweets are designed to bring out the original taste of the ingredients.

The package includes a photo of the producer and a two-dimensional code for a special website where you can learn about the producer's commitment to the ingredients. The special website includes an interview with the producer, and has been well received by customers who can learn about the particular ingredients and the producer's thoughts while eating the sweets.

Japanese Black Tea


Cake The second cake on sale is a soufflé cake made with Japanese black tea produced by Chalai Matsusaka, a tea farmer in Mie Prefecture that is seeking a new way of farming and producing delicious tea. You can enjoy the delicate aroma and gentle taste of Japanese black tea.

MONTAIR "Japanese black tea soufflé cake

The cake is made with Japanese black tea soufflé dough and milky cheese cream. The soufflé batter is made of a combination of Japanese black tea and meringue, and the amount of flour is adjusted to create a moist and smooth texture. The delicate aroma and flavor of Japanese black tea spreads softly while the cheese flavor provides an accent.

MONTAIR "Japanese black tea soufflé cake

Chalay Matsusaka

's Japanese black tea Japanese black tea is a uniquely Japanese black tea made by fermenting and drying tea leaves for green tea in the same way as in the tea production process. It is characterized by its mild and gentle sweetness.

Chalay Matsusaka's Japanese black tea is made from "Ise-cha" tea, which has a rich and mellow flavor due to the severe temperature difference between morning and evening. The tea has a delicate aroma with little astringency and a taste that is somewhat Japanese.