Morozoff "Hina Matsuri, Spring Temari" (Doll Festival)

Morozoff Hinamatsuri Sweets

Morozoff's western confectionery stores will sell "Hinamatsuri sweets" to add color to spring from March 1 (Wed) to March 3 (Fri). The lineup includes "Hinamatsuri Haru Temari" and "Hinamatsuri Party Set.



March 3 is the Girls' Festival, a time to wish for the healthy growth and health of girls. This year again, Morozoff has released limited-edition products perfect for Hinamatsuri. Spring-like cakes and cute cup sweets will brighten up the Hinamatsuri Festival.

Hinamatsuri Haru Temari

: A fluffy sponge with a rich egg flavor sandwiched between strawberry cream with a fruity sweet and sour taste. It is wrapped with cream chantilly and white, pink and red copo chocolate. Refreshing and spring-like flavor.

Morozoff "Hina Matsuri, Spring Temari" (Doll Festival)

Price: 1,944 yen (tax included). Approx. 14.5 cm in diameter.

Hinamatsuri Party Set

A gorgeous assortment of cupcakes decorated for Hinamatsuri. This Hinamatsuri cake set is recommended for family celebrations.

Morozoff "Hinamatsuri Party Set

Ohinasama and Odairisama are made with hand-cooked custard cream in a fluffy sponge. Harutemari contains strawberry cream.

Priced at 1,620 yen (tax included), each piece measures approximately 7 cm in diameter.

* May not be available at all stores.