Pineapple candy collaboration with "Apew Juicy Bread UV Stick

Apew Juicypan UV Stick

Pineapple Candy Collaboration

"Apew Juicypan UV Stick" and "Pineapple Candy" will be available in limited colors in collaboration. Online store. The price is 1,650 yen (tax included).

Apew UV Stick

A stick-type sunscreen that allows for quick and easy UV care without getting your hands dirty. The stick-type sunscreen is convenient to carry, easy to apply, and has many attractive features, and has become a standard item in Korea. It has become a standard item in Korea, and has also gained attention in Japan.

In April 2022, Apew will launch "Apew Juicy Pan UV Stick" in limited quantities. Many people were captivated by its cute popsicle-like appearance, juicy scent inspired by fruits, and colorful clear-colored transparent stick.

The limited-edition apple, orange, and muscat flavors were released at the time, and now, the "Pineapple Candy" has been released as a limited edition. Now, a dream collaboration with "Pineapple Candy" has been added to the lineup with new limited-edition colors. The fragrance of course has been carefully selected so that you can enjoy the juicy fruitiness of the product.

Pineapple candy collaboration with "Apew Juicy Bread UV Stick

UV protection

: SPF50+/PA++++, the highest value in the domestic standard. Colorful transparent sticks protect skin even under strong UV rays.

Transparent stick type that does not

stain hands or clothes

. The transparent type does not cause the white cast characteristic of sunscreens, and leads to a natural-looking glowing skin while leaving the skin feeling bare. The transparent type can also be used without worrying about color transfer to clothing.


water repellency makes

it resistant to perspiration

and water, and it does not easily fall off

. The water-repellent veil provides high water repellency against perspiration and water, making UV care more resistant to perspiration and water, even in summer.

Smooth application with a lightweight oil

base. The smooth oil base provides a comfortable feel without the stickiness and creakiness typical of sunscreens.

Contains notable beauty moisturizing ingredients

Since it is something you use every day, you want to pay attention to its skincare effects. With this in mind, we have blended different fruit-derived moisturizing ingredients, with niacinamide as the common ingredient.

Compact size for easy use on the go

The compact design is easy to carry and allows UV care whenever and wherever you feel like it. It can also be used over makeup, making it convenient for reapplication during the day.