Kairikiya "Soupless Taiwanese Noodles

Kairikiya "Shirimu Taiwanese Noodle"

and "Yuzu Koru

Umashio Ramen" will be available as a limited-time menu item. Each is available at both street stores and food court stores.

Shiru Muten


Ramen "Shiru Muten Taiwan Ramen" is a menu item created in the hope that people will enjoy the "Taiwan Ramen" that originated in Nagoya with more gusto. The soup has been removed from the ramen and the noodles have been flattened to make them more satisfying.

Minced pork, chives, and bean sprouts are stir-fried in a soy sauce sauce with a heavy dose of chili peppers and garlic to create a dish that is full of stamina. The punchy sauce and ingredients are well mixed with the elastic flat noodles, and the strong seasoning makes the dish addictive.

There are two noodle portions to choose from: 200g (7.05oz) for the (Normal) size and 400g (14.11oz) for the (Noodle W) size. Both come with 80 grams of omibi (rice topping). After the noodles are gone, you can add a big dollop of omiyami and enjoy it with the rest of the ingredients.

As a rule, Kairikiya's street stores are the only places that sell this type of noodle, with a few exceptions. The Chatan branch is excluded.

The price is 935 yen for the (regular) size and 1,045 yen for the (noodle W) size. The release date is February 22, 2023. It will be discontinued as soon as it is gone.

Kairikiya "Soupless Taiwanese Noodles
soupless Taiwanese noodles



Shio Ramen "Yuzu-scented Umami Shio Ramen" is enhanced by yuzu (a citrus fruit), which goes well with the salty sauce. Yuzu juice is added to the special salt sauce to create an aromatic soup with a deep flavor. The oil extracted from the yuzu also enhances the soup, giving it a rich flavor. To finish the soup, fresh yuzu peels from Japan are added as a topping to give the soup a fresh sour taste.

The chicken broth is condensed with the flavor of chicken stock, and the special yuzu-scented salt sauce and oil are combined to create a light and flavorful soup. The crispy texture of the white onion and potherb mustard arranged high above the soup and noodles is accented with fried onions and red pepper threads for a change in flavor. The flavor is refreshing yet addictive.

As a general rule, Kairikiya's food court stores carry this item, but some exceptions apply. The Aeon Mall Okinawa Lycoming store is excluded.

The price is 913 yen for (regular) size. The sale date is February 22, 2023. The sale will end as soon as the product is gone.

Kairikiya "Yuzu-scented delicious salt ramen
Yuzu-scented Umami Shio Ramen