Ginza KOJI CORNER "Ehime Senkon Parfait" (Japanese citrus fruit parfait)

Ginza Kozy Corner Ehime

Setoka Parfait The "Ehime Setoka Parfait" using setoka from Ehime Prefecture will be available at 11 Ginza Kozy Corner stores with cafes and restaurants. The price is 1,400 yen (including tax, the same below), or 1,573 yen with a drink. It will be available from February 23 to early April.



from Ehime Prefecture A parfait using "Setoka" from Ehime Prefecture will be added to the popular "Seasonal Fruits Direct Delivery" menu series, which uses seasonal fruits. The "Setaka" is a citrus fruit that has the aroma, color, and flavor of the three varieties condensed into one. It has been described as the "big toro of citrus fruits" because of its abundant juice, soft and plump pulp, and rich sweetness with little acidity.

The "Setoka Parfait" is a combination of a luxurious whole setoka, homemade setoka granite (semi-frozen fruit juice, liqueur, and syrup), vanilla ice cream, and fresh cream.

The stores selling the menu are as follows.
Ginza 1-chome main store, Beans Akabane, Oji, Shinkoiwa, Ito-Yokado Oimachi, Mitaka Corral, LIVIN Tanashi, Kawasaki Azalea, Tsurumi East Exit, Ebina, Soka

* Only Ginza 1-chome main store will be 200 yen extra with a drink and 100 yen extra with single item from other stores.