Fujiya "Luxury mille-feuille with domestic strawberries
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Fujiya's New C

ake Collection Here is a summary of the new cakes to be sold by Fujiya. The new cakes are "Peko-chan's House Can," "Ehime Senka & Milky Cream Puff," "Luxury Millefeuille with Japanese Strawberries," "Ehime Senka Mille Crepe," and "Oven-baked Double Cream Puff (Red Angel from Ibaraki Prefecture).

Peko-chan's House Can

: 10 pieces of "Heart Chocolate (Whole Grain Biscuit)" in a decorative can that resembles Peko-chan's house. The playful design features a scattering of Fujiya sweets and western-style confections. The tin measures 65 mm (H) x 115.5 mm (W) x 76 mm (D) and is priced at 660 yen (tax included, same as below).

Fujiya "Peko-chan's House Can

Luxurious mille-feuille of domestic strawberries

The upper layer is a white chocolate coated pie sandwiched between light type custard cream and the lower layer is a "mousseline cream" made of a combination of butter and custard cream. Together with domestic strawberries, it is a more luxurious mille-feuille than usual. The size is 95 mm (width) x 65 mm (height), and the price is 590 yen.

Fujiya "Luxury mille-feuille with domestic strawberries

Ehime Senka & Milky Cream

Puff This cream puff is filled with a light type of custard cream with Ehime Senka sauce and jam, and condensed milk cream. Price: 180 yen.

Fujiya "Ehime Senka & Milky Cream Puffs".

Ehime Senko-no-Milk Crepe

: 16 alternating layers of cream with Ehime Senko-no-Source and Hokkaido cream cheese. The two colors of cream, orange and white, create an eye-catching contrast. The price is 490 yen.

Fujiya "Mille Crepe with Mentha from Ehime".

Kiln-fired Double Cream Puff (Ibaraki Benitenshi

) A light custard cream puff layered with "Benitenshi" cream and chanterelle cream, this is a voluminous cream puff. Price: 330 yen.

Fujiya "Oven-baked Double Cream Puff (Ibaraki Red Angel)