DEAN & DELUCA "Hazelnut Mocha Latte with Oats Milk" and "Honey Lemon Latte with Oats Milk
Hazelnut Mocha Latte with Oats Milk and Honey Lemon Latte with Oats Milk

DEAN & DELUCA Oats Milk Seasonal Drinks

DEAN & DELUCA will introduce "Oats Milk Hazelnut Mocha Latte" and "Oats Milk Honey Lemon Latte" as seasonal drinks. These light and refreshing lattes made with oats milk are perfect for spring, and will be available at café stores and some market stores from February 20, 2023.

This menu item is made with plant-derived ingredients and is considerate to the body and the environment. In addition to the savory and naturally sweet taste derived from grains, the latte is also characterized by the nutritional benefits of dietary fiber, calcium, and iron. It is also said to enhance both espresso and tea.



Mocha Latte with Oat Milk "Hazelnut Mocha Latte with Oat Milk" is a latte base with chocolate, hazelnuts, and oat milk to make a soft cappuccino. The rich chocolate and hazelnut paste is balanced and complemented by the bitterness of the espresso and the lightness of the oats milk. Available in hot S and iced M, priced at 650 yen (tax included).

Ahhhh, "hazelnut mocha latte with oats milk."

Honey Lemon


with Oats Milk "Honey Lemon Latte with Oats Milk" is a tea latte with a spring-like flavor, combining black tea brewed with aromatic tea leaves, honey and lemon. Unlike cow's milk, oats milk does not separate when combined with lemon, giving it a smooth taste. It also features a gentle sweetness from the acacia honey. Hot S and iced M are available, priced at 560 yen.

DEAN & DELUCA "Honey Lemon Latte with Oats Milk
Honey Lemon Latte with Oats Milk