Kua Aina "Strawberry and Banana Brulee Pancakes", "Strawberry Pancake Brulee", "Strawberry Pancake Brulee"
(All images are sourced from Kua Aina's official website)

Kua Aina Strawberry Pancake Series

Kua Aina announced on its official website that the "Strawberry Pancake" series is now available. Strawberry and Banana Brulee Pancake, Strawberry Pancake Brulee, and Strawberry and Maple Pancake are available.

Strawberry and


Brulee Pancakes "Strawberry and Banana Brulee Pancakes" are light and flavorful pancakes topped with spring strawberries, banana brulee and custard. The banana brulee, made with baked and crispy casonade, is also placed between the pancakes. It is also topped with condensed milk and strawberry sauce and a generous dollop of whipped cream. The pancakes can be enjoyed with honey maple or special coconut syrup, if desired.

Priced at 1,080 yen (tax included).

Kua Aina "Strawberry and Banana Brulee Pancakes"
Strawberry and Banana Brulee Pancake


Pancake Brulee "Strawberry Pancake Brulee" is Kua'aina's popular pancake brulee topped with fresh strawberries. The fresh strawberries are a perfect match for the seasonal fruit and the gently sweet custard cream that is caramelized to a savory flavor. The price is 960 yen for a single item.

Kua Aina "Strawberry Pancake Brulee"
Strawberry Pancake Brulee


and Maple Pancake "Strawberry and Maple Pancake" is a simple pancake made with strawberries. You can enjoy the fresh fruit aroma and maple syrup. The price is 860 yen for an individual item.

Kua Aina "Strawberry and Maple Pancakes"
Strawberry and Maple Pancakes

Both pancakes are available at all Kua Aina stores in Japan except the Yokohama Red Brick Store.