Kobe Black Tea "Sakura no Kocha" (Cherry Blossom Black Tea)

Kobe Kocha

Cherry Bl

ossom Black Tea "Cherry Blossom Black Tea" is now on sale at the Kobe Kocha online store. The limited time offer is 12.5g (0.18oz) (2.5g (0.18oz) x 5 tea bags) and priced at 648 yen (tax included). The sale will end as soon as it is sold out.



Black Tea The popular Sakura Black Tea is a flavored tea with the aroma of cherry blossoms based on Indian Nilgiri black tea, which has a mild, astringent taste. You can enjoy the soft and gentle sweet aroma of cherry blossoms and its refreshing taste. The fresh white packaging is designed to remind you of the coming of spring. It is ideal as a gift for White Day or spring celebrations.

Kobe Kocha

is a long-established black tea manufacturer established in 1925. It is a pioneer in the black tea industry, being the first company in Japan to start manufacturing tea bags. Using its own technology, the company manufactures tea bags made of cotton material with excellent extraction power. Tea samples from more than 160 tea gardens around the world are strictly screened and purchased by one of the few "black tea connoisseurs" in Japan, and only the best quality tea leaves are blended to suit Japanese water. You can enjoy our carefully blended black tea.