Burger King "King Yeti The One Pounder"

Burger King "King Yeti The One Pounder"

The "King Yeti The One Pounder" will be available at Burger King for a limited time and in limited quantities starting Friday, February 17. Priced at 2,190 yen for a single item and 2,490 yen for a set (tax included).


Yeti The One Pounder The super-sized cheeseburger "King Yeti The One Pounder" will conclude the "Cheeseburger Slope" series, which was launched in January 2023 and has been well received, with a size that looks down on the cheeseburger world. It has a total weight of 507 grams and a total calorie count of 1,495 kcal.

Burger King "King Yeti The One Pounder"

Four 100% beef patties cooked over an open flame are layered with six luxurious slices of fresh onion, pickles for flavor accent, and mellow Gouda cheese slices. A generous amount of white cheese sauce made from a combination of Parmesan and Camembert cheese is also added. The mild taste will keep you coming back for more.

Burger King "King Yeti The One Pounder"

When ordering, we recommend the easy-to-eat half-cut. Order "half cut" at the checkout counter and it will be cut in half and served to you. It is easy to hold and you can eat it from the middle, which is full of juices and cheese.

The set includes French fries (M) and a drink (M).
Available after 10:30 a.m. at stores that offer morning meals.
Sales may be temporarily suspended depending on store conditions.
Product design and prices are subject to change without notice.
Nutritional information and other values are standard values based on formulations. Actual product values may vary.
Not available at Burger King Tokyo Racecourse Store/Tsugaike Snow Plaza Store.


sticker gift

One "original sticker" will be given away with every purchase of "King Yeti The One Pounder" (either individually or as a set) to commemorate the release of the product. Limited quantities, ends when all are gone. No advance order is available.

Original Burger King sticker