Gong Cha "Banana Milk Tea"
Banana milk tea

Gong Cha Banana Milk

Tea Gong Cha will introduce a limited-time menu item, Banana Milk Tea. It will be available from February 16, 2023.



is based on "black tea," which has a refreshing taste, and the sauce is made from slowly ripened and sweetened Taiwanese bananas, resulting in a rich and thick milk tea. Toppings include a crunchy, bittersweet cocoa cookie crunch and creamy, mellow milk foam to complement the milk tea with its sweet banana flavor.

Up to two additional toppings are available. The limited-time offerings of "rich chocolate pudding" and "Hokkaido cheese milk foam" are recommended.

Gong Cha Banana Milk Tea is available at all stores except the Gifu Matamaru store. The price is 610 yen for ICED M (tax included) and 610 yen for HOT S.

Gong Cha "Banana Milk Tea"
Banana milk tea

Rich Chocolate


The "rich chocolate pudding" recommended as a topping for banana milk tea is smooth and rich, and the addition of chocolate gives it a rich, luxurious taste. HOT: The pudding is infused into the tea and the richness of the milk tea is enhanced. Chocolate and banana" is the perfect combination.

Priced at 90 yen, it will be available until mid-March 2023, but subject to change depending on store stock.

GONCHA "Rich Chocolate Pudding
Rich Chocolate Pudding



Milk Foam: Also introduced as a topping for banana milk tea, the Hokkaido Cheese Milk Foam is made with four kinds of cheese from Hokkaido: cheddar, mascarpone, cream cheese, and camembert. The unexpected combination of cheese and banana is a rich but not too strong cheese flavor that goes well with the sweetness of the banana milk tea. The drink can be enjoyed directly from the cup without using a straw, then stirred and sipped to enjoy the changing flavors.

The product is priced at 80 yen and will be available until the end of March 2023, but this is subject to change depending on store inventory.

Goncha "Hokkaido Cheese Milk Foam
Hokkaido Cheese Milk Foam

Pearl (Tapioca)

The combination with the standard "pearl (tapioca)" topping is also recommended. The addition of the sticky pearls improves the texture and the sweetness of the brown sugar makes it more of a dessert, and when served hot, the stickiness lasts even longer, making it a great workout. It can be combined with rich chocolate pudding or Hokkaido cheese milk foam for a variety of textures. The price is 80 yen.

Gong Cha "Pearl (tapioca)"
Pearl (tapioca)