Chun Shui Tang "Taiwan Afternoon Tea
Taiwan Afternoon Tea


Shui Tang Taiwan Afternoon Tea Chun Shui Tang will start "Taiwan Afternoon Tea". It will be available at the Daikanyama and Omotesando stores in Tokyo and the Lumine Omiya store in Saitama from February 21, 2023. Afternoon tea is available for two people with advance reservations; it is 120 minutes long and priced at 3,000 yen per person (tax included).

Nine kinds of food and sweets in a seiro, plus parfait and drinks!

You can enjoy plenty of Taiwanese small dishes and sweets. Includes 9 kinds of food and sweets in a seiro, parfait, 1 drink of your choice, and 1 kind of Taiwanese tea.

The upper tier of the two-tier Chinese seiro contains five popular Taiwanese sweets, including "Bean Flowers," "Taiwanese Sponge Cake," "Chilled Yuen Yuen," and "Pineapple Cake," while the lower tier contains four original Chun Shui Tang small dishes, including "Mini Wari Bao," which is only available on the afternoon tea menu, "Sesame Sauce Dumpling" and "Pure and Fresh Prawn Dumpling. and "plump shrimp dumplings" are included.

In addition, a mini parfait, a choice of over 50 types of arranged tea, and a cup of Taiwanese tea of your choice are included. Enjoy a relaxing Taiwanese atmosphere with a wide variety of dim sum and sweets.

Sales hours vary depending on the store. For details, please check the reservation application page on the official website.