Imuraya "4-packs of green tea cream Daifuku (mashed sweet bean paste)



-packs of Green Tea

Cream Daifuku (Tsubuan)"

Imuraya's frozen Japanese confectionery series will release a seasonal product "4-packs of Green Tea Cream Daifuku (Tsubuan)" on March 1 (Wednesday). The product will be available at mass merchandisers and supermarkets nationwide and at the Imuraya Web Shop. The price is open to the public.

4-packs of


Cream Daifuku (tsubuan

) Japanese sweet made with soft rice cake filled with sweet bean paste and matcha cream. The mochi is made from "hiyokumochi" glutinous rice produced in Saga Prefecture, which has a characteristic of not becoming hard and has a fine texture and stickiness. By kneading the steamed rice after pounding, the mochi has a firmness, elasticity, and rich rice aroma.

Imuraya "4-packs of green tea cream Daifuku (mashed sweet bean paste)

The low sugar content tsubuan (sweet bean paste) is carefully cooked with a low amount of sugar. The sweetness is refreshing, made possible by the fact that it is a frozen food, and rich in azuki flavor.

The matcha green tea cream is richly blended with Uji matcha green tea produced under the supervision of Fukujuen, a long-established tea shop in Kyoto. The sweetness, bitterness, and umami are in harmony with the strong taste of matcha green tea.

Imuraya "4-packs of green tea cream Daifuku (mashed sweet bean paste)

Recommended way to eat the "4-pack Daifuku

Green Tea

Cream Daifuku (Tsubuan)"

If defrosting naturally, cover with plastic wrap and leave at room temperature for about 2 hours. This is the best way to enjoy the stretchy mochi, matcha cream, sweet bean paste, and matcha flavor.

For quick thawing, heat in a microwave oven (500/600W) for 10 seconds without plastic wrap, then wait 10 to 15 minutes. Immediately after defrosting in the microwave, there is a temperature difference between the surface and the center, so the outside is soft, but the center is still icy. By letting it cool for 10 to 15 minutes from there, the temperature difference between the outside and inside will decrease.

If you heat it in a microwave oven (500W) for 10 seconds without plastic wrap and eat it immediately, you can enjoy it as if it were cool ice cream. The mochi is soft but elastic, and the green tea cream and the sweetness of the bean paste can be felt more.

Imuraya Frozen Japanese

Confectionery Series The Frozen Japanese Confectionery Series is Imuraya's popular series that keeps the delicious taste of the freshly made confectionery by quick freezing it immediately after wrapping. With a shelf life of one year, you can easily enjoy the wagashi anytime.

Imuraya Frozen Wagashi Series

The product comes in a detachable tray that can be used in a microwave oven. You can quickly defrost the portion you want to eat when you want to eat it, without using a plate.