Craft Boss Blend Coffee, Milk Coffee, Strawberry Ore

Craft Boss Blend Coffee,

Milk Coffee,



Ore Suntory Foods International will launch Craft Boss Blend Coffee, Craft Boss Milk Coffee, and Craft Boss Strawberry Ore as new additions to its Craft Boss series. The new products will go on sale on February 14.

Craft B

oss Blend Coffee is a blend of mainly Brazilian beans that have been roasted over direct heat to bring out a strong flavor. In addition, espresso made from ultra-deep roasted beans is exquisitely blended to create a refreshing bitterness that does not linger. It is finished with a robust aroma and a full-bodied, bitter taste.

Kraft Boss Milk Coffee

Like the "Blended Coffee," this coffee has a strong taste and is blended with milk that is carefully selected for its ratio of milk fat and protein to give it a satisfying yet refreshing aftertaste. In addition, multiple sugar ingredients have been blended to create a sweetness that will keep you coming back for more. The result is a sweet and refreshing drink with a non-sticky taste.

Craft Boss Strawberry Ore

: A luxurious 10% fruit juice (apple and strawberry) is used to achieve a natural sourness and a refreshing aroma. This "Sweet and Sour Strawberry Ore" has a rich and satisfying taste with a strong fruit and milk flavor.