Oyazuka Company "Baby Star Ramen Maru (Matsusaka Beef Sukiyaki Flavor)

Baby Star Ramen


(Matsuzaka Beef Sukiyaki Flavor) Snack Company will release Baby Star Ramen Maru (Matsuzaka Beef Sukiyaki Flavor), a luxurious flavor with minced Matsuzaka beef kneaded into the ramen. The product will go on sale on February 13. The estimated price is around 162 yen (tax included).

The "BABY-STAR RAMEN MARU (Matsusaka beef sukiyaki flavor)" is bite-sized and easy to eat. Minced Matsusaka beef is kneaded into the ramen, and then squeezed into bite-size pieces along with the sukiyaki-flavor flavored flavored egg. From the moment you open the lid, the aroma of the sweet sukiyaki sauce spreads out, and when you eat a piece, you will feel the crispy, crunchy texture of the noodle, and as you bite into it, the noodle will melt in your mouth in three different textural changes.

The simple golden packaging, with a single shiny Baby Star Ramen circle, is a testament to the product's commitment to quality. We want not only Baby Star fans, but also those who haven't eaten Baby Star recently to experience it! This luxurious tasting Baby Star Ramen Maru is made with such a desire in mind.