Uchi Cafe×GODIVA Eclair Chocolat

Lawson Godiva Collaboration Eclair

I actually bought and tried "Uchi Cafe×GODIVA Eclair Chocolat" sold by Lawson. The price is 354 yen (tax included).

Uchi Cafe×GODIVA


Chocolat "Uchi Cafe×GODIVA Eclair Chocolat" is a chocolate flavored puff filled with a rich yet bitter tasting chocolate cream combined with Belgian chocolate and fresh cream. It is topped with cacao nibs and almonds to accentuate the taste and texture.

LAWSON "Uchi Cafe×GODIVA Eclair Chocolat

The dough has a puff pastry-like texture. The inside is filled with a rich cream filling. It is not too sweet and has a bitter aftertaste. The amount is just right, making it a good choice even for those who do not usually eat chocolate sweets.

Uchi Cafe×GODIVA Eclair Chocolat

Cacao nibs and almonds are used as toppings. The crunchy texture and savory flavor add to the richness of the taste. It is recommended as an accompaniment to a luxurious tea time.

Uchi Cafe×GODIVA Eclair Chocolat

LAWSON "Uchi Cafe x GODIVA Eclair Chocolat" makes it easy to enjoy the Valentine's Day feeling. How about a little treat for yourself?