Morinaga Seika "Mister Donut Ice Cream Bar


Seika "Mister

Donut Ice


Morinaga Seika will release "Mister Donut Ice Bar" on February 20 (Mon.), inspired by "Choco Fashion", a popular standard donut of Mister Donut. Handled exclusively at convenience stores nationwide.

Mr. Donut Ice Cream Bar

Mr. Donut's "Choco Fashion" is a product with a chocolate coating on a crispy dough with a rich taste of milk flavor and natural sweetness. It is one of Mr. Donut's most popular doughnuts and is favored by a wide range of people.

The new "Mister Donut Ice Cream Bar" was jointly developed by Morinaga Seika and Duskin, realizing the dream collaboration of expressing donuts with ice cream. The ice cream is perfect for winter, with the gentle sweetness of milk that is typical of "Choco Fashion".

Morinaga Seika "Mister Donut Ice Cream Bar

Milk vanilla ice cream with cookie crunch is half coated with slightly bitter chocolate. It not only expresses the taste of "Choco Fashion" but also its characteristic appearance.

[Product Outline]
Product Name: Mister Donut Ice Bar
Volume: 78ml (2.64us fl oz)
Estimated Price: 160 yen (excluding tax) / 173 yen (including tax)
Launch Area: Nationwide / Convenience Stores