Sukiya "Ebi Tsumire Soup Oshinko Set



bi Tsumire Shiru" Sukiya will launch "Ebi Tsumire Shiru" (shrimp and rape blossoms) to taste spring at 9:00 a.m. on Wednesday, February 15, 2012. A "Gyuudon Ebi Tsumire Shiru Oshinko Set" will also be available. The end date of sales is yet to be determined.

Ebi Tsumire


Sukiya has sold "shijimi soup," "asari clam soup," and "ishish tsumire soup" for limited periods in the past, and they have been well received by many people. This time, Sukiya's special "Ebi Tsumire Soup" with bright green rape blossoms and pale peach-colored "Ebi Tsumire" is newly introduced with a spring-like appearance and taste.

The shrimp tsumire, characterized by its gentle sweetness, is mixed with plump shrimp meat in a fluffy sauce so that customers can enjoy the different tastes and textures of the shrimp. The sweetness of the prawns and the bitterness of rape blossoms, which are in season, harmonize with the miso soup, which is infused with the tastes of bonito, mackerel, salmon, and niboshi. You can enjoy the taste of spring. The price of a single dish is 190 yen (tax included).

Gyuudon Ebi


Shiru Oshinko Set The "Gyuudon Ebi Tsumire Shiru Oshinko Set" is also available at the same time, offering the "Ebi Tsumire Shiru" for 30 yen less than the regular price. The "Shrimp Tsumire Shiru Oshinko Set" is also available at the same time. The price is 650 yen (including tax) for a bowl of beef bowl.