Lotte "White Peach Custard Cake

Lotte White Peach Custard Cake


's [Juwa & Toro Peach] Lotte will sell "White Peach Custard Cake" and "Fit's [Juwa & Toro Peach]". The "White Peach Custard Cake" will go on sale on February 14, and "Fit's [Juwa & Toro Peach]" on February 21.


Peach Cust

ard Cake The fluffy peach cake is filled with white peach custard cream and white peach sauce. The cake, cream, and sauce are all made with "Okayama Dream White Peach Juice," which is characterized by its sweetness and elegant flavor. The product contains 6 pieces. The estimated price is around 356 yen (including tax, the same below).

Lotte "White Peach Custard Cake


[Juwa & Toro Peach]

The more you chew, the more "soft" Fit's will be available! The more you chew, the more "soft" the Fit's become! The more you chew, the more the texture becomes thicker and the aroma of peach spreads. The package contains flavor chips that burst when chewed. The package is easy to take out anytime, anywhere. Contents: 12 pieces. Estimated price is around 151 yen.

Lotte "Fit's [Juwa & Toro Peach]".

White Peach Custard Cake" and "Fit's [Juwa & Toro Peach]" are perfect for the coming season. Please check them out when you see them.