Yatsudoki "Hinamatsuri Peach Gateau" and "Hinamatsuri Short Decoration
Hinamatsuri Short decoration (left) Hinamatsuri Peach gateau (right)


's premium brand Yatsudoki

Hinamatsuri Cakes

Chateraise's premium brand YATSUDOKI will sequentially release a lineup of eye-catching Hinamatsuri cakes in gorgeous peach colors. The lineup includes "Hinamatsuri Peach Gateau" and "Hinamatsuri Short Decoration.

Hinamatsuri Peach


A limited time only cake with a cute, round shape inspired by the Hinamatsuri Festival. A strawberry mousse made with pure fresh cream from Hokkaido and milk from the Yatsugatake Plateau is placed on a cookie with a crunchy texture, topped with strawberries. The peach jelly and pistachio jelly in the mousse are a perfect match for this easy-to-eat mousse cake.

The price is 518 yen (tax included). On sale from Wednesday, February 15 to Friday, March 3.

Hinamatsuri Short Decoration

A gorgeous decorated cake to celebrate the Dolls' Festival, topped with plenty of strawberries. Strawberry-flavored sponge made with fresh eggs from contract farms and green tea-flavored sponge are sandwiched between melt-in-your-mouth Hokkaido pure fresh cream and fresh strawberries, and finished with strawberries and peach blossoms. The sponge is decorated with strawberries and peach blossoms. The sake syrup on the sponge gives it a subtle aroma.

The size is 12 x 12 cm and the price is 2,700 yen (tax included). The product will be on sale from Friday, February 17 to Friday, March 3.