Sushiro "Salmon Roe

Sushiro "ikura" salmon roe" is offered on


yellow plate for a limited period of five days from February 8 (Wed.) to 12 (Sun.) for 120 yen on a yellow plate, while it is usually offered on a red plate for 180 yen (all prices include tax).

Sushiro "Salmon roe"

The popular gunkan "salmon roe" is sold in a more economical yellow dish than usual, in hopes of making people eat their fill at a bargain price. The sushi, which ranks among the top 10 sushi in Japan (calculated from the company's sales results from October 2021 to September 2022) and is second only to "Gunkan Negimaguro" in terms of popularity among gunkan, can be enjoyed at a discount for five days only.

Sushiro "Salmon Roe

The "salmon roe," which is usually served on a red plate, is made from trout roe. The rich, sticky, and flavorful roe is carefully selected and seasoned with a soy sauce sauce that goes well with the sushi.

Sushiro "Salmon Roe

The sales period is the period when it is sold at all Sushiro stores.
The number of items sold per day is limited.
This is a regular product.
Sales may be suspended or discontinued depending on availability.
The price of take-out order includes the cost of the container.
Red plates are priced at 190 yen and 210 yen at some stores.
Yellow plates are priced at 130 yen and 150 yen at some stores.
Not available at "Sushiro To Go" and "Kyotaru Sushiro", take-out specialty stores.