7-ELEVEN "Cacao-scented melt-in-your-mouth raw chocolate

7-ELEVEN Cacao-scented Melting Raw Chocolate

I actually bought and tried a cup of "Cacao-scented Melting Raw Chocolate" sold by 7-ELEVEN. The price is 324 yen (tax included).

Cacao-scented melting


chocolate "Cacao-scented melting raw chocolate" is a rich, bite-sized raw chocolate. It is packaged in a cup for easy consumption. It has 347 calories.

7-ELEVEN "Cacao-scented melted raw chocolate
Melt-in-your-mouth raw chocolate with the aroma of cacao

Open the lid, and the sweet aroma wafts out! The plastic pick is included so you can eat it right away.

7-ELEVEN "Cacao-scented melted raw chocolate

The cup is filled with bite-sized pieces of raw chocolate. The raw chocolate covered with cocoa powder is so soft that it sinks into your teeth when you bite into it. It melts in your mouth, spreading the sweetness of chocolate and the rich aroma of cocoa. If you eat it cold, it will melt in your mouth, and if you let it sit for a while, the chocolate will soften and you will enjoy the soft creamy texture.

7-ELEVEN "Cacao-scented melted raw chocolate

It is very rich, yet not too strong, so it satisfies the craving for raw chocolate. It is very rich, but not too strong, so it satisfies your craving for fresh chocolate in just the right amount. Each piece is satisfying, and eating a cup is quite satisfying, perhaps enough for two people to share.

7-ELEVEN "Cacao-scented melted raw chocolate

7-ELEVEN's "Cacao-scented Melting Raw Chocolate" is an easy way to satisfy your chocolate craving. It is also recommended as a small reward for yourself.