Aeon "THE Chocolate Tart supervised by Godiva

Aeon Valentine's Day Chocolate Sweets

Four chocolate sweets for Valentine's Day will be available at up to about 400 stores including Aeon and Aeon Style from Wednesday, February 8 to Tuesday, February 14. Handled at the chilled dessert section of the food section.

Aeon will be offering a variety of chocolate sweets under the theme of "Make it a day to please yourself and your partner" until Valentine's Day. Aeon will be offering various brands of chocolates under the theme of "Make it a day that brings you and your partner joy. Valentine's Day products are also sold in the chilled dessert section. Original sweets using chocolate are available to make Valentine's Day more exciting.

THE Chocolate Tart supervised by Godiva

The product that was very popular at last year's Black Friday is now available again. This five-layer chocolate tart is made with an exquisite blend of chocolate with a cocoa concentration of 55% to 73%, supervised by Godiva, the Belgian chocolate brand. The tart is 15 cm in diameter and priced at 1,490.4 yen (tax included).

Aeon "THE Chocolate Tart supervised by Godiva

Available from February 10 in Shiga, Kyoto, Nara, Osaka, Wakayama, and Hyogo prefectures. The Aeon Express Kaminogi store in Shimane Prefecture will begin sales on February 11.


strawberry chocolate parfait

. Four layers of smooth chocolate-flavored pudding, light strawberry mousse, cocoa sponge and whipped cream. The chocolate brownie with a moist texture is topped with fresh strawberries. The flavor is accented by the glassage chocolate and chopped pistachios. Priced at 300.24 yen (tax included).

Aeon "Strawberry Chocolate Parfait with 4 Layers

Strawberry and Belgian Chocolate Cake

A chocolate cake on the high road. Cocoa sponge cake is layered with Belgian chocolate whipped cream and cocoa sponge cake, decorated with fresh strawberries and Belgian chocolate whipped cream. The price is 429.84 yen (tax included).

Aeon "Strawberry and Belgian Chocolate Cake

Rich Belgian Chocolate Mont

Blanc Mont Blanc for adults offers the rich taste of Belgian chocolate and aromatic rum. The thick, moist cocoa sponge dough is filled with Belgian chocolate whip and rum-infused ganache cream. The price is 300.24 yen (tax included).

Aeon "Rich Belgian Chocolate Common Blanc

Some stores may not carry it.
The product will be discontinued as soon as it is sold out.
The sales period is tentative. The sales period is tentative and may change due to various circumstances.