Top's "Raw Chocolate
(Image source: Tops official website)

Top's Raw Chocolate

Top's announced on its official website that "Raw Chocolate" is now available from Top's. It will be handled from February 2, 2022. The price is 1,080 yen per box (tax included) for a set of 8 pieces.

With chocolate made by Ferklein of Switzerland!

This raw chocolate is made with 50% Swiss Ferklein chocolate, which is produced using a special manufacturing method that allows you to enjoy the taste of carefully selected cacao and its smooth texture. The calorie content is 515kcal per 100g (3.53oz).

Prices are rounded up to the nearest dollar. Prices may differ at stores that round down.



was founded in 1908 as a honey merchant in Schwyz, central Switzerland. Soon after, he began producing cocoa products. Today, the company is still based in the town of Ebach in Schwyz and is known for its couverture chocolates.