Osaka Osho "Black Chinese Soba Noodles in Takaida
Black Chinese noodles in Takaida

Osaka Ohsho

: Black Chinese Soba Noodles in Takaida Osaka Ohsho will introduce "Black Chinese Soba Noodles in Takaida" as a limited-time menu item, available from February 8 to March 26, 2023. Prices start at 750 yen (tax included, same below) for a single dish. The gyoza set starts at 1,040 yen. Prices may vary depending on the store.

Osaka Osho "Black Chinese Soba Noodles in Takaida

The restaurant features a pitch-black soy sauce broth, thick noodles, large pieces of pork


and plenty of green onions. It has been known as "Takaida-kei" or "Takaida black" ramen since the postwar period, mainly in the western part of Higashi-Osaka City in Osaka. It was prepared as the third in a series of "National Treasure Class Meals," in which Osaka Ohsho certifies localized menus that it wants to keep eating and does not want to put to sleep.

According to Osaka Ohsho, the color of the soup may make you think that the flavor is strong, but once you take a bite, you will be addicted to the clean and refreshing flavor that spreads in your mouth. The thick noodles and pork, a characteristic of "Takaida Black," go well with the soup.

In principle, it is sold at all Osaka Osho stores in Japan, but some stores are excluded. For details on store information, please visit the official website.