McDonald's "Chicken McNuggets"
(Image taken from the official website)

McDonald's Chicken McNuggets Ingredient Change

McDonald's announced that the ingredients for Chicken McNuggets will be changed.

Currently, chicken breast, chicken thigh, and chicken skin are used as ingredients for Chicken McNuggets, but from February 2023, only chicken breast and chicken skin will be used for Chicken McNuggets.

McDonald's has established a sustainable and stable supply system by operating in more than 100 countries and regions and having procurement networks in every market in the world. In this context, McDonald's Japan is constantly considering the procurement of raw materials, taking into consideration not only the safety, taste, and price of ingredients, but also sustainability. As part of these efforts, McDonald's has decided to change some of its ingredients to meet the global standards for safety and quality set by McDonald's.

The Chicken McNuggets with the partial change in ingredients are assured of the same safety and quality as the previous products.