Komeda Coffee Shop "Shiro Noir Shiroi Koibito

Shiro Noir Shiroi Koibito" at

Komeda Coffee Shop and Okagean Nationwide will launch "Shiro Noir Shiroi Koibito", a collaboration product with Ishiya Seika's popular chocolate confectionery "Shiroi Koibito", on February 2 (Thursday) (excluding some stores). Sales will end when the limited number is reached.

Shiroi Noir Shiroi


Shiroi Noir, launched in February 1977, is Komeda Coffee Shop's signature dessert, celebrating its 46th anniversary and boasting annual sales of 8.5 million units. This is a special collaboration with Shiroi Koibito, which is also celebrating its 46th anniversary.

The 46th anniversary Shiro Noir is decorated with white chocolate soft serve ice cream and white chocolate sauce, both made under the supervision of ISHIYA, which reproduces the taste of "Shiroi Koibito's" white chocolate. The soft serve ice cream is milky and has a refreshing aftertaste so that the rich white chocolate can be savored to the end.

Komeda Coffee Shop, Okagean "Shiro Noir Shiroi Koibito

The topping is shaved white chocolate. To finish it off, powdered sugar is sprinkled on top to resemble powdered snow. One bite will fill your mouth with an elegant sweetness.

Prices range from 880 yen to 940 yen / mini size 680 yen to 740 yen (tax included). Prices vary by store.

Shiroi Koibito Collaboration Special Event

During the period, the following items made with vanilla soft serve ice cream can be enjoyed with ISHIYA's "White Chocolate Soft Serve Ice Cream" at the same price.

<Komeda Coffee Shop
・ Shiro Noir
・ Mini Shiro Noir
・ Cronège
・ Cream Coffee
・ Cream Au Lait
・ Iced Cocoa
・ Cream Soda
・ Coffee Jelly
・ Strawberry Shake
・ Coffee Shake
・ Nommu Cronège
・ Soft Cream

Komeda Coffee Shop "Shiroi Koibito Collaboration Special Event".

・ Shirinoir
・ Mini Shirinoir
・ Cream Anmitsu
・ Cream Mitsumame
・ Cream Zenzai
・ Tokusen Soft serve ice cream
・ Coffee shake
・ Coffee float
・ Iced cocoa
・ Green tea float
・ Maccha Au Lait float
・ Houjicha Au Lait float
・ Kinako Au Lait float

Okagean "Shiroi Koibito Collaboration Special Event" (Japanese only)

Vanilla soft serve ice cream will not be available during this period.
Vanilla soft-serve ice cream will not be available during the period.
The white chocolate soft serve used at "Thanksan" contains soybean as an allergen.