Nichifuri Foods "Matsuya Founders Beef Curry Flavor Furikake
Matsuya Founded Beef Curry Flavored Furikake

Matsuya Founders Beef Curry

Flavor Fur

ikake Matsuya and Nichifuri Foods have collaborated to launch Matsuya Founders Beef Curry Flavor Furikake, which will be available at select supermarkets and mass merchandisers from February 1, 2023. Each product weighs 20g (0.71oz) and will be sold at an open price.


product reproduces the "Founded Beef Curry" that Matsuya has a strong fan base for. The mild yet rich curry flavor and beefy goodness, with a spiciness that lingers and makes the rice go faster.

Because the spice is not too strong, the flavor can be enjoyed by a wide range of people as well as fans of Matsuya's Founded Beef Curry. This is the second furikake product in the collaboration between Matsuya and Nichifuri Foods, following the Matsuya Beef Meat Flavor Furikake, which is already on sale.

Matsuya Founder's


Curry" is a dish in which beef ribs are stewed until tender. The beef is used in abundance, and the flavor of the beef can be savored until the end of the meal, recreating the flavor of the time when the company was founded. As of February 2023, Matsuya no longer carries the "Founding Beef Curry. The new furikake allows that flavor to be enjoyed at home with rice.