KALDI Cherry Blossom Products Summary

KALDI Cherry

Blossom Products Summary

KALDI Coffee Farm will sell a variety of cherry blossom flavored products only available during this season, including the new "Hokkaido Baked Doughnut Sakura" with a moist texture and an elegant aroma of cherry blossoms, and "Kyoto Uji Matcha Sakura Latte" with the bitterness of Uji matcha from Kyoto Prefecture and the aroma of cherry blossom leaves.

Original Kyoto U

ji Matcha Sakura Latte This mild-tasting Sakura Latte combines the deep sweetness and bitterness of Uji matcha from Kyoto Prefecture with the gentle aroma of cherry leaves. This instant drink can be enjoyed easily. The price is 322 yen (tax included).

Original Kyoto Uji Matcha Sakura Latte

Original Sakura Financier

: A moist, baked financier with a hint of cherry blossoms. The milky flavor of white chocolate mixed into the dough goes well with the gorgeous aroma of cherry blossoms. Priced at 135 yen (tax included).

KALDI "Original Sakura Financier

Moheji: Sakura Monaka with Mochi (rice cake)

A crunchy skin sandwiched between a plump, bite-sized rice cake and smooth bean paste scented with sakura leaves. The individually wrapped package is perfect for when you want to enjoy a little at a time. The price is 298 yen (tax included).

Moheji: Sakura monaka with rice cake


Moheji Hokkaido: Hokkaido Baked Doughnut Sakura

A moist baked doughnut with an elegant aroma of cherry blossoms. The gentle sweetness of Hokkaido wheat dough is combined with the flavors of cherry blossoms and cherry leaves. Price: 158 yen.

KALDI "Moheji Hokkaido kara Hokkaido Baked Doughnut Sakura" (from Moheji Hokkaido)

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