Hikari Kogyo "Ehon no Jikan


Wafer" will be released on Makuake, a support purchase service, from Hikari Kogyo. Contents: 12 individually wrapped wafers (60g (2.12oz)).

Background of project launch

Hikari Kogyo has been developing and manufacturing emergency foods in cans for 15 years to be useful in emergencies such as natural disasters that occur every year. While various emergency foods are on the market, we noticed that there are not many emergency foods that can be easily eaten by both adults and children. We started development with the idea of "Why don't we make long-lasting canned snacks that can be enjoyed and eaten with children even in an emergency?

Cute picture book collaboration design that you will want to display in your child's room or living room

Collaboration with four picture books that have been loved around the world for many years. Emergency rations are usually kept in the back of closets or storage rooms, but these cans are designed to be so cute that you will want to display them in your room. You can always display them in your room as if they were interior decorations and have them ready in a place where you can see them. We also aimed to bring smiles to the faces of both adults and children by bringing familiar picture book characters to their eyes, even in times of emergency.



shelf life is 5 years

. The unusual atmosphere, nervousness, and agitation of adults during an emergency can easily be felt by children, and they may not be able to eat easily if foods they are not used to eating are served in such a situation. We aimed to create delicious wafers that children would eat on their own even in an emergency. In addition to the regular vanilla flavor, we offer a wide variety of flavors: banana, apple, strawberry, and blueberry.

Egg- and milk-free ingredients

One can (12 individually wrapped wafers, 60 g) contains approximately 190 mg of calcium and 5 g of dietary fiber. It is also rich in a variety of other vitamins. These many nutrients can be easily ingested not only in daily life, but also during emergencies and other situations where nutrition is difficult to obtain.

In addition, the wafers have been developed without using eggs or milk as ingredients without sacrificing the delicious taste, making them easy to eat for a wider range of people.


cute picture book character stickers

The cute cans and tasty snacks, along with the picture book character stickers, are designed to bring smiles to children's faces even in times of emergency.

The lineup is as follows

Koguma-chan: Vanilla, Strawberry, Blueberry
Leo Leoni: Vanilla, Banana, Blueberry
Winnie the Pooh: Vanilla, Banana, Apple
Hungry Catapillar: Vanilla, Strawberry, Apple Can
* Each can contains 12 wafers of one flavor.

See the official website for details. Project name "[5-year long shelf life] Being prepared makes the extraordinary smile! Canned snacks to enjoy with your favorite picture book".