Meiji "Zakupop Custard Pudding Flavor"

Meiji Zakupop Custard Pudding Flavor

Meiji is selling a new ice cream "Zakupop Custard Pudding Flavor". The price is 168 yen per piece (excluding tax).


Custard Pudding Flavor During the winter season, ice cream with a rich flavor is a standard and popular item. Zakkupop" is an ice cream that expresses the taste of custard pudding, which is popular among all generations.

Meiji "Zakupop Custard Pudding Flavor"

The combination of rich custard ice cream and caramel-flavored candy with a crunchy texture makes it an ice cream that is fun to chew. The size and hardness of the candy is also carefully selected. The bittersweet candy is mixed into the ice cream in abundance, so that you can enjoy the crunchy texture until the very end.

The custard pudding flavor ice cream contains egg yolks. The custard pudding-flavored ice cream contains egg yolk to increase the richness and smoothness of the texture. It has a rich taste like custard pudding, but with a crisp aftertaste. It is said to be delicious and can be enjoyed without getting tired of it.

Tasting the

custard pudding-flavored ice cream, yum! It is mild and rich, and melts easily with the heat in the mouth, spreading its sweetness. It is sweet but not too sweet.

Meiji "Zakupop Custard Pudding Flavor"

And then there is the candy material! The texture is more crunchy and fun than I had imagined! The candy is just the right size, just like when you bite into a piece of coarse lime. It is a little different, but if you like the type of ice cream with a texture like the "Popping Shower" sold at certain ice cream stores, you will like it.

Meiji "Zakupop Custard Pudding Flavor"

Meiji "Zakk Pop Custard Pudding Flavor" is something to enjoy in a warm room on a cold day. Ice cream lovers should check it out!