Hakutsuru Puru-Puru Mango" from Hakutsuru Brewery


Shuzo "Hakutsuru Pur

u-Puru Mango" Hakutsuru Shuzo will sell "Hakutsuru Puru-Puru Mango". It will go on sale on February 27. The price is 142 yen (excluding tax; the price will be revised on April 1, 2023).

Hakutsuru Puru-Puru Mango

"Puru-Puru" series is a sake jelly that is fun to shake, looks cute, and tastes good to drink, just like a dessert. You can enjoy the texture of the cool and refreshing jelly, the carbonation that pops in your mouth, and the mellow aroma and rich tropical flavor of mango. Made with mango juice (5% juice).

To drink, chill the can well in a refrigerator (if you open the can without chilling it, the contents will spurt out), and shake it vigorously up and down about 10 times. Pour into a glass and enjoy.

Hakutsuru Puru-Puru Mango" by Hakutsuru Shuzo is a dessert-like drink. The design of the can is also very cute! Why not pick one up when you see it? Other products such as "Puru-Puru Umeshu" and "Puru-Puru Ringo-Shu" are also on sale. Check them out as well!