Salted Butter Caramel" supervised by Chef Koji Tsuchiya.


[Salted Butter Caramel]

Chirorucoco "Chirorucoco [Salted Butter Caramel]" will be on sale from Chirorucoco. The product will be available at 7-ELEVEN stores nationwide from February 3. The price is 45 yen per piece (tax included).

The first collaboration product, "Tirol Chocolate

[Salted But

ter Caramel]," was released in February 2022 and was so well received that a second collaboration was realized. The premium taste and original design can be enjoyed.

Salted Butter Caramel" supervised by Chef Koji Tsuchiya.

Chef Koji Tsuchiya of the chocolate specialty store "Theobroma" supervised the taste and package design. Caramel ganache and salted butter caramel sauce are encased in high cocoa chocolate.

There are a total of five types of packages designed by artist Kimiko Higami. Three of them are original designs newly drawn by the artist. The packages are so cute that you will want to collect them all. The design of the individual packages will be enclosed at random.

The "Chirorucoco [Salted Butter Caramel]" would make a great small gift for Valentine's Day. Be sure to check them out!