Calbee "Potato Chips Gizzard Glue Salt Butter Flavor

Potato Chips Gizzagiza Glue Salt

Butter Fl

avor Potato Chips Gizzagiza Glue Salt Butter Flavor is now available from Calbee's "Potato Chips Gizzagiza" series, thick-sliced potato chips with a crunchy texture and the delicious taste of potatoes. Available at convenience stores for a limited time only. The product will go on sale on January 30, and is scheduled to be discontinued in mid-March 2023. The product weighs 70 grams and is expected to sell for around 190 yen.

Potato Chips Gizzard


The "Potato Chips Gizzard Series" was first introduced in 1998 with the concept of "rewarding chips for yourself" in the form of thick, jagged cuts. They feature a crispy, satisfying texture that lets you taste the deliciousness of potatoes and a flavor that brings out the best of the ingredients.

In October 2020, the brand was renewed for the first time in three years. Currently, "Ajiwashi Shio Flavor" and "Rich Chicken Consommé" are the standard flavors, mainly sold in supermarkets and drugstores, and other limited-time-only flavors are also available.

Potato Chips Giza Giza Glue Salt

Butter Fl

avor "Potato Chips Giza Giza Glue Salt Butter Flavor" is a convenience store exclusive "Potato Chips Giza Giza" with a rich buttery flavor enhanced by the savory aroma of green and grilled seaweed. The package has a gusset at the bottom to allow the bag to stand on its own and not topple over, making it ideal for "eating while you eat. The contents are a combination of two kinds of nori (green and grilled seaweed) and butter to give the chips a satisfying taste.