MONTAIR "Rolls no Toriko Vanilla" and "Rolls no Toriko Crème Brulee".
Roll's Toriko, Vanilla, Roll's Toriko, Crème Brûlée


MONTAIR will introduce "4P ROLL NO TORIKO Vanilla" and "4P ROLL NO TORIKO Creme Brulee" from MONTAIR. They will be sold at supermarkets nationwide.

4P Roll no Toriko


"4P Roll no Toriko Vanilla" is made with a smooth dough, rolled with vanilla cream and custard pesto, and is a renewal of the "Torokeru Nama Roll" series of roll cakes introduced in 2010.

The dough has been made fluffier and the contrast between the two layers of cream and custard paste has been improved. The dough now contains egg yolks to match the whole egg, and the amount of flour has been fine-tuned. The vanilla cream is made with fresh Hokkaido cream, home-cooked custard, and vanilla seeds, giving it a gentle vanilla aroma and a milky taste. The rich custard paste is made smooth and thick with homemade custard cooked in a copper cauldron and original whip, and the appearance is glossy and glamorous. When you put it in your mouth, you can enjoy the dough, cream, and paste as one.

MONTAIR "4P Roll Toriko Vanilla
4P Rolls of Toriko Vanilla

The estimated price is 345 yen (including tax, the same below), but 388 yen only in Okinawa. The product will go on sale on February 1, 2023.

MONTAIR "4P Roll Toriko Vanilla
4P Rolls of Toriko Vanilla Package

4P Roll no Toriko

Creme Brulee

"4P Roll no Toriko Creme Brulee" is a limited-time-only sweet. The soft and smooth dough is combined with custard cream made from homemade custard and bittersweet caramel paste. As the name suggests, the product is said to taste like a Western-style "crème brûlée.

MONTAIR "4P Rolls of Toriko Crème Brulee"
4P Rolls of Toriko Crème Brûlée

The estimated price is 345 yen, 388 yen for Okinawa only. The product will be on sale from February 1 to March 31, 2023.

MONTAIRE "4P Rolls of Toriko Crème Brulee" package
4P Rolls of Toriko Crème Brûlée Package