Ryoguchiya Koresei Valentine Yokan "Saragata Rasuberry" and "Saragata Chocolate
Sasaragata Razuberi, Sasaragata Chokoreto (All images are from the official Korekiyo Ryoguchiya website)

Ryoguchiya Koresei Valentine's Day Conf

ectionery It was announced on the official website that "Sasaragata Rasuberi" and "Sasaragata Chokeretto" flavors for Valentine's Day have appeared from January 25 to February 14, 2023 at major department stores nationwide, directly managed stores and official It is available at major department stores and directly-managed stores nationwide, as well as at the official online store from January 25 to February 14, 2023.



"Sasaragata Rasuberi" is a new product for 2023. It is decorated with a cute heart and raspberry-filled chocolate bean paste.

Each piece is priced at 324 yen (tax included, the same below).

Ryokuchiya Koresei "Sarasaragata Rasuberi
white-collar worker


Chocolate "Sasaragata Chocolate" is a standard flavor sold every year at this time. Chocolate-flavored yokan with a marbled pattern of black and white chocolate and orange peel is layered with "Nishikidama-jyokan", which is transparent and has gold leaf sprinkled inside.

The price is 324 yen per piece.

Ryoguchiya Koresei "Sasaragata Chokoreto
Sasara type sakkoto



s Day limited saragata: "Valentine's Day limited saragata," an assortment of "saragata razuberi and saragata razuberi" will also be available.

The price is 1,728 yen for a 5-pack, 3,402 yen for a 10-pack, and 5,076 yen for a 15-pack.

Ryoguchiya Korekiyo "Valentine's Day limited saragata
Valentine's Day special