Lotteria "Teriyaki SS Set"
Teriyaki SS Set


Teriyaki SS Set Lotteria will introduce the "Teriyaki SS Set" series. There are three types of sets: the "Teriyaki" set, the "Tama Teriyaki" set, and the "Double Teriyaki" set, all of which will be available only on Saturdays, Sundays, and holidays in February 2023. The special price can be ordered by showing the coupon from the official website on your smart phone at the cash register.

Lotteria Teriyaki SS Set Sales Schedule
Teriyaki SS Set Sales Schedule

The "


" set consists of a hamburger patty, a hamburger patty, and Lotteria's original special teriyaki sauce with a balance of richness and flavor, which is made by adding thick tamari soy sauce, mildly sweet san-on sugar and oyster sauce as secret ingredients, mayo sauce, lettuce, mustard, and a plump bun. The "Teriyaki Burger" is served on a fluffy bun with lettuce and mustard, and comes with one French fry potato S and one drink S each.

The regular price is 700 yen (tax included), and the special price with the coupon is 600 yen.

Lotteria "Teriyaki" set
Teriyaki" set

The "


" set is a combination of a hamburger patty, original special teriyaki sauce and mayo sauce, Lotteria's original half-boiled egg with thick, half-boiled yolk, lettuce and mustard on a fluffy bun, French fried fries, and a drink. S" and "S" drink.

The regular price is 810 yen, but the special price with coupon is 690 yen.

Lotteria "Tamateri" set
Tamateri" set

Double Teriyaki


Set The "Double Teriyaki" set consists of a "Double Teriyaki Burger" consisting of two hamburger patties, original special teriyaki sauce, mayo sauce, lettuce, mustard, and a fluffy bun, French Fries S, and a drink.

The regular price is 810 yen, and the special price is 690 yen when the coupon is presented.

Lotteria "Double Teriyaki" set
Double Teriyaki" set

In principle, all of these items are available at all Lotterias nationwide, with a few exceptions. The Saitama Super Arena, Hakkeijima Seaside Oasis FS, and ZOZO Marine Stadium branches are excluded.