Seijo Ishii "Crispy Sablet Choco Mint Butter Sandwich
Crispy sable chocolate mint butter sandwich (All images source: Seijo Ishii official website)

Seijo Ishii's Homemade Crispy Sablet

's Choco Mint Butter Sandwich Seijo Ishii's homemade sweets, "Crispy Sablet's Choco Mint Butter Sandwich" has been announced on the official website. The price is 647 yen (tax included) for a package of 8 pieces.

The "Crunchy Sablet Raisin Butter Sandwich", a homemade sweet that combines a buttery sablet


cream with raisins soaked in rum, which was introduced in 2022, is so popular that a new chocolate mint flavor has been prepared.

The chocolate dough sablet is made with a mildly sweet chocolate dough, and the formula has been adjusted to give it a crispy and flaky texture. The chocolate mint cream is made with Japanese mint leaves and 72% couverture chocolate.

Seijo Ishii "Crunchy Sablet Choco Mint Butter Sandwich" package
Crunchy Sablet Choco Mint Butter Sandwich Package

With its refreshing aroma and refreshing sweetness, the 8-piece package can be devoured in a matter of minutes, and is marketed as a must-try for both chocolate mint lovers and butter sandwich lovers. They are also recommended for Valentine's Day in February.