In love with pudding, "Eboshi Pudding Roll" limited to 3 days

Pudding ni Koishite Keiho

Pudding Roll

From "Pudding ni Koishite" with the concept of "pudding so delicious that you fall in love with it, served at a retro coffee shop," "Keiho Pudding Roll" will be available for three days only. The release dates are February 1 through February 3. The price is 550 yen per roll (tax included). Sold at Esola Ikebukuro store.

Eboshi Pudding


The "Eboshi Roll," which is said to bring good luck if eaten silently while facing the direction of blessings on Setsubun, is made into a roll cake. The "Eboshi Pudding Roll" is made with soft and moist sponge and a chocolate crepe that resembles nori (dried laver), and is filled with fresh cream and "Pudding in Love"'s signature retro pudding. The combination of fresh cream with elegant sweetness and rich retro pudding is exquisite.

In love with pudding, "Eboshi Pudding Roll" limited to 3 days

A girl wearing an

ogre's mask is a limited design only for Setsubun

. The limited-edition design will add color to the Setsubun season. The "candy" ehoumaki looks adorable and is sure to be the talk of the town with family and friends!


is a type of rice roll that is eaten in the direction of the zodiac sign of the year, which is the direction of good fortune according to the Yin-Yang system. The roots of ehoumaki date back to the Edo period (1603-1868) to the Meiji period (1868-1912), when people in Osaka's Hanamachi district celebrated Setsubun and prayed for prosperity. It is said that eating a whole roll without cutting it into pieces is said to be a good omen that the roll will not break the karma.