Aohata 55 New "Lemon Mamalade" and "White Peach & Guava with Grapefruit".

Aohata 55 New Jam

From the "Aohata 55" series, new products "Lemon Mamalade" and "White Peach & Guava (with Grapefruit)" will be available. The seasonal product "Peach Melba (white peach and raspberry)" will be released at the same time.

Lemon Mamalade

As lemon popularity grows with the release of various lemon-based food products, many people have asked us to create a lemon flavor for the "Aohata 55" series as well. In response, Aohata is now releasing Lemon Mamalade, which focuses on the series' characteristic "natural color and aroma" of the fruit.

Thinly sliced lemon peel and juice are combined to create a refreshing flavor that allows you to enjoy the tartness, bitterness, and aroma of lemon. It is recommended for use with bread and yogurt, or even as a lemon squash by mixing it with soda water. The 150g (5.29oz) bottle is priced at 281 yen (tax included, same as below).

White Peach &


"White Peach & Guava" has been popular every year since 2018 as a seasonal product for spring and summer, and now it will be released as a year-round product. It has a content of 150g (5.29oz) and is priced at 265 yen.

Peach Melba (white peach and raspberry)

Peach Melba will also be released as an annual seasonal product. It is priced at 281 yen and contains 150 grams.