Lipton Onshu Mikan Tea Punch" limited time offer

Lipton Unshu Mikan

Tea Punch Limited Time

Limited A new flavor in the Tea Punch series, "Lipton Unshu Mikan Tea Punch" from Morinaga Milk Industry's "Lipton" series will be available for a limited time. The release date is January 31. It contains 240 ml, has 88 kcal, and will be sold at an estimated price of 150 yen (excluding tax).

Lipton Onshu Mikan Tea


"Lipton Onshu Mikan Tea Punch" is a luxurious fruit tea containing 9% fruit juice from a blend of four types of fruit (whole squeezed Onshu Mikan, apple, strawberry and lemon) in a rich black tea with the aroma of Earl Grey and Kenyan tea leaves carefully selected by tea expert "Lipton. This fruit tea has a strong black tea flavor. The tea has a strong black tea flavor, but is brewed at a low temperature to give it a refreshing aftertaste with no astringency.

Enjoy a quick tea break with "Lipton Onshu Mikan Tea Punch" at home or during work to refresh yourself. Please pick one up when you see it.