New ice cream compilation Zakpop custard pudding flavor

New Ice Cream Summary

Check out all the new ice cream products! Zakkpop Custard Pudding Flavor", "Caramel Almond Praline", McDonald's "McFlurry Twig", "The Crepe [Tiramisu Flavor]", "Sou: Thick Raw Caramel in Vanilla".

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Zakupop Custard

Pudding Flavor

Meiji will release a new ice cream " Zakupop Custard Pudding Flavor" nationwide. The new ice cream is a combination of custard ice cream and caramel-flavored candy with a crunchy texture, allowing consumers to enjoy "biting" the ice cream.

Zakupop custard pudding flavor

Caramel Almond Praline

A new flavor " Sujata Ice Cream (Caramel Almond Praline)" has been added to the hard ice cream sold on Shinkansen bullet trains, and will be sold in the "Nozomi" and "Hikari" trains of the Tokaido Shinkansen and elsewhere.

Sujata Ice Cream (Caramel Almond Praline)



McFlurie Koeda is the first collaboration between McDonald's classic sweet "McFlurie" and Morinaga's chocolate confectionery "Koeda".

McDonald's "McFlurry Twig

The Crepe [Tiramisu Flavor] "The Crepe [Tiramisu Flavor] " from Morinaga Seika's "The Crepe" brand, a crepe ice cream with moist and sticky texture, will be released. Limited time offer.

The Crepe [Tiramisu Flavor]" from Morinaga Seika

Lotte's "Sou" brand, which contains fine ice cubes and has a crisp texture and refreshing aftertaste, will release " Sou: Thick Raw Caramel in Vanilla" for a limited time only.

Sou - thick raw caramel in vanilla