Toraya "Setsubun dried sweets
Setsubun dried confections (All images are from Toraya's official website)


Setsubun D

ried Confectionery Toraya will be offering "Setsubun Dried Confectionery". The limited edition box of 10 pieces is priced at 1,404 yen (tax included).

Toraya "Setsubun dried sweets
Okame, Ume, and Onigawara designs

Okame, Ume, and Onigawara: Three different designs for Setsubun

The soft, soybean flour-flavored dried confections are made in three different designs in honor of Setsubun, the day on which the Japanese New Year is celebrated on February 3, 2023. The soft texture and the aroma of soybean flour can be enjoyed.

Okame" is shaped like a smiling, happy-go-lucky lucky charm. Ume" is a dried plum-flavored confectionary in the shape of a plum flower, which can be enjoyed as an accent to the flavor. The "Onigawara" is a copy of the devil's tile used in Toraya's old stores.

The 10-piece set includes 4 each of Okame and Onigawara, and 2 of Ume. Sold at "Kyoto Ichijo Store", "Kyoto Shijo Minamiza Store", "Kyoto Takashimaya Store (Taka is a separate letter)", "Daimaru Kyoto Store", "JR Kyoto Isetan", "Umeda Hankyu", "Umeda Hanshin", "Namba Takashimaya (Taka is a separate letter)", "Kintetsu Abeno Harukas", "Kobe Hankyu", "Matsuzakaya Nagoya Store", "Nagoya Mitsukoshi", "JR Nagoya Takashimaya". Due to the nature of the confectionery, delivery and pick-up orders are not available.