Scone "Blissful Dense Sesame" from KOIKEYA.

KOIKEYA Scone Shifuku no Dense Sesame

KOIKEYA will release a new product, "Scone Shifuku no Dense Sesame," which offers the delicious taste of dense sesame. The product weighs 73 grams and is open to the public.

Scone Shifuku no Dense


The new product, "Scone Shifuku no Dense Sesame," focuses on sesame, which has become a hot topic as a "Japanese superfood" and is trendy among young people through Korean sweets. The rich flavor of black sesame, golden sesame, and sesame oil is fully enjoyed by taking advantage of the scone's unique rich flavoring process. One bite of the scone will fill your mouth with the mellow sesame aroma, making it an addictive treat that is perfect for reward time.


The "Scone" product will undergo its 35th year model change in March 2022, with the authentic, rich, and addictive flavor of the dough, seasoning, and packaging all being renewed. The new product has evolved to be light and tasty with the original flavor of the ingredients by returning to its roots of "crispy, crunchy, and delicious," improving the melt-in-your-mouth dough that is more popular today, and adding a rich yet crispy flavor.