Ore Transparent Drops" from Canlo


Transparent Drops of Ore Kanro will sell "Transparent Drops of Ore," a pack of three sparkling and transparent ore-like drops. The product will go on sale on January 23. The contents are 65g (2.29oz) and the price is 227 yen (tax included).

Transparent Ore


"Transparent ore that can only be found in certain countries. When rubbed, the drops are slightly colored and have a sweet aroma. However, it disappears over time, so the sorbet is gently placed in a bottle. Sorbet would like to share such sparkling ore with you. Please share a little with us at .......

The new "Ore Transparent Drop" is a fantasy candy that allows you to immerse yourself in the world of such a tantalizing story.

In May 2022, Kanro released "Nijiiro no Ame," a candy with a sweet and gentle taste that enriches the heart and a beautiful appearance that is also very popular. The "Transparent Drops of Ore" candies represent a new challenge to add a "story" to the candy, linking the appearance and taste to the story, enhancing the enjoyment of eating the candy and maximizing the potential value of the candy.

The assortment is based on the image of three types of real ores: quartz, spinel, and beryl. The taste and color are expressed with a high degree of transparency, as if they appeared by shaving ice. You can enjoy three different flavors that represent ores.

Transparent Drops of Ore" from Canlo

When you bite into a beautifully gradated candy grain, you will feel a clear, gentle sweetness spreading in your mouth.

Each candy grain has an original name: "Betulus," inspired by beryl, has a fresh and mysterious citrus flavor; "Quopical," inspired by quartz, has a pleasant and cheerful tropical sweetness; and "Spiberry," named for spinel, has a sweet, sour and bewitching berry flavor. We have expressed this in the following ways.